Research Publications 

Chan, C. K., & Hedden, L. N. (2023). The role of discernment and modulation in enacting occupational values: How career advising professionals navigate tensions with clients. Academy of Management Journal, 66(1), 276-305.

Pratt, M. G., & Hedden, L. N. (2023). Accounts and Accountability: On Organizational Purpose, Organizational Identity, and Meaningful Work.
Strategy Science, published online ahead of print.

Practitioner Publications 

Lepisto, D., Michaelson C., Pratt, M. G., & Hedden, L. N. (2022). The Purpose Paradox. People + Strategy Journal.

Michaelson, C. , Lepisto. D., Pratt, M.G., Hedden, L. N., & Brown, J. A. (2020).  Why corporate purpose statements often miss their mark.
Strategy + Business      

Manuscripts Under Review 

Hedden, L. N., & Pratt, M. G. Title hidden while under review. (Topic: Trust and Reputations)
Revise and Resubmit at Administrative Science Quarterly

Pratt, M. G., *Hedden, L. N., and *Khan, H. Title hidden while under review. (Topic: Identity Conflicts in Organizations)
Revise and Resubmit at Academy of Management Review 

Pratt, M. G., Hedden, L. N., Khan, H., Sala, G., and Sciarappa, S., Title hidden while under review. (Topic: Identity and Identification)
Proposal Accepted and Full Manuscript Invited at Academy of Management Collections

Hedden, L. N., Schinoff, B. S., Wellman, N., & Blanchard, R. Title hidden wihle under review. (Topic: Overcoming Setbacks to Innovation Implementation)
Under Review at Organization Science 

*Indicates equal contribution 

Research in Progress

Hedden, L. N. “Finding and Feeling Meaningfulness in an Invisible Occupation” (Dissertation Data Collection)